beyond the boundaries of music styles

Passion in live colour expressed on a canvas of energetic music! As producer, musician and DJ, Ian Simmonds stands for the cultural bridging of emotionally driven sound aesthetics from the most diverse components of recent music movements.

It all began at the onset of the 90ies as a member of the legendary crew The Sandals. There direction was primarily a clubbed mix between Trip Hop, Acid Jazz, and Downbeat.
As he was on his way exploring the depths within sound, self titled as well as under the alias Juryman, he was quite prolific in filling a basket of increasingly trail blazing albums, 12-inches and remixes for labels such as Studio! K7, NTone, CSSR, Pussyfoot, Compost, G-Stone etc., which belongs to a wide plane of timeless electronic sound visions.

Today the Welshman has hung his hat in the contemplative Jena where the freshly fashioned jazz poetry project titled Wise in Time with various musicians is able to thrive.

The first album “The Ballad of Den the Men” is driven by everything those harmony-addicted shed tears for and feel passionate joy about. The second album “Know the words?” with a slightly more produced sound, is examplarily how profound electronic based music can be, once liberated of it's typical patterns.

On the FAT sub-label Musik Krause he shines with four 12-inches: The Standing Man EP, International Songs, The Woodhouse EP, The Wendelstein Variations. Next to the new Wise in Time album, finally a new Ian Simmonds album is about to be published on Musik Krause, called “Burgenland Dubs”. After “Last states of Nature” and “Return to X” this album will change your way of thinking about electronic music. The ability to create not only artfull electronic music, but timeless music freed of conventions, is a magnificient contribution to the evolution of music.

His DJ-sets are fashioned by an industrial depth, which drives those willing to move with stylistic varieties into the endlessness of existence. Dub, Downbeat, NuJazz, Broken Beat to House, Detroit, Techno without category limitations such like minimal or electro period, the evening progresses to a movement marathon with a stunning euphoria bomb. Somehow different, knowing, adventurous, more observant than much of today’s current prospects seem to creep about behind his style. As it stands there is abundant blood pumping through the heart of the Rave maltreated body to provide to transport the listening.

A man – much jazz, much tradition, much rhythm, very new to exhilaration!