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Wise in Time is Ians Jazz project, born in 1999 and first heard as a 10-inch record on Tim Zimmermans (bomb the bass) label, electric tones. Soon followed the soundtrack for the channel 4 documentary A.I.P.S. At this time the project was co-produced with Peter Dennett now of Artyard Recs.

The first LP Ballad of den the men, published by Cramned Records, came in 2006. Culminating with Ian moving to Germany to start the Wise in Time-live project with Felix Jacobi bass,Lars Maeurer piano, Mat Grote gtr and Krishan Zeigner drums.

2009 brings Wise in Time up to date with a slightly more produced sound, feat Yoshiko vox, Mat Grote gtr and Krishan Zeigner drums & perc. Know the words? comes at a very uncertain time for all, 2 years in the making, it will be available through this site exclusively.

Order your hardcopy just by sending an email to info[at]

work of art

"The Juryman touch is totally recognizable in "The Ballad Of Den The Men", with its haunted soundscapes, his talking blues-like vocal style. Yet this album sees Simmonds leave the shores of pure electronic music and ascend to new heights: by combining folk guitars, electric pianos, jazz tangents and electronic textures with his inimitable voice and inspired, sharp lyrics, he's created a highly inebriating mixture which practically define a new genre." (Cramned Records about the album "Ballad of Den the men")

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Ballad of Den the men
Cramned Rec.
Know the Words?
All Thats Left